FIre Damaged and insurance Flipping Mastermind with Elijah Rubin


If you are interested in getting paid up to 3 times on a deal you must listen to this podcast… on one deal he even got paid 4 separate times! Learn how to get paid from wholesaling getting and getting paid from the insurance company as well!

Elijah’s Bio

Elijah Rubin is a Phoenix, Arizona entrepreneur. He is the founder and owner of WIIN, LLC, a real estate consulting firm specializing in off market properties acquired through probate, city violations and fire, flood or vandalism damage.

In his 10 years in real estate, Elijah has completed over 400 transactions and sold over 300 million dollars worth of real estate. He is known as the “Fire Damage King” in the Arizona real estate market – a well-earned title.

Elijah is passionate about helping his clients thrive, whether he is working with homeowners whose lives have been turned upside down by a home disaster or investors who wish to acquire off market properties.

He also enjoys helping young entrepreneurs succeed. Elijah is passionate about inspiring and empowering entrepreneurs to live a life of purpose and fulfillment. He founded the Young Millionaire Society to enable them to connect with other like-minded people going in the same direction and looking to make a global and local impact

Each day, Elijah strives to add value to his business and personal relationships by being a blessing to everyone he meets.

His life mantra is “Each one; teach one.”

His clients consistently praise his professionalism, knowledge, integrity and follow-through.

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